Weapons can be crafted by the Blacksmith, Mason, and Carpenter. Only Footmen can be equipped with weapons, except for the Wooden Practice Sword, used to promote a Worker into a Footman. Some weapons have level requirements placed on the crafter, others can be crafted at any level. However, there are no level requirements for Footmen regarding the use of any weapons.

Weapons are not equipped by the player. The Footman will automatically switch to a better weapon if one is available.

List of Weapons Edit

This list is updated for Alpha 10.5. The weapons are sorted by attack value, and also include: what job is required to craft the weapon; if there are any level restrictions on the crafter; and, the required ingredients for crafting.

Wooden sword

Wooden Practice Sword

  • Attack value: N/A
  • Crafted by: Carpenter
  • Crafting level required: none
  • Required ingredients: 2 Wood Log

Bronze sword

Bronze Sword

Stone maul

Stone Maul

  • Attack value: 12
  • Crafted by: Mason
  • Crafting level required: none
  • Required ingredients: 1 Hunk 'o Stone

Iron pike

Iron Pike

Bronze mace

Bronze Mace

Short sword

Short Sword

Long sword

Long Sword

Iron mace

Iron Mace

  • Attack value: 20
  • Crafted by: Blacksmith
  • Crafting level required:
  • Required ingredients: 2 Iron Ingot