There are four factions with roles in the campaign in Stonehearth.

Friendly Edit

The Kingdom

The kingdom your people came from, the kingdom your hearthlings came from will help them get settled, supporting them towards establishing your settlement and earning township. You will be able to re-embark with 3 hearthlings after your settlement earns township.

Clan Amberstone

Rabbit people who have mastered the art of geomancy to keep them in their developed form and stay underground. They will come above ground as your town grows stronger and you will be able to have them as an ally. They will often ask for help with things and if you help, you gain their trust. As you gain their trust, rabbit people will offer sharing their mastery of geomancy.

Enemy Edit

Verne Earthwalk fought to control his voice. "My Lords," he managed, "when I said that your incessant digging made the earth angry, I meant it. Literally."

When conditions are just right, unstoppable giants of fire, rock, ice, and air rampage across the land, destroying everything in their path. Appease them or prepare your defenses...