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The Carpenter is a basic class. Workers are promoted to Carpenter via the Carpenter's Saw.

The Carpenter can craft tools, weapons, building parts, and furniture. Through crafting items the Carpenter can level up, gaining certain bonuses. The Carpenter requires the Carpenter Workbench.

The Carpenter is the main starting class for The Ascendancy, which upon starting a new game will automatically be granted a Carpenter's Saw.




Icon Item Ingredients Prerequisites
Level Workshop
Carpenter workbench
Carpenter Workbench Log1    0 None
Carpenter toolbench
Carpenter Toolbench Log3    2 Carpenter Workbench

Tools & WeaponsEdit

Icon Item Ingredients Prerequisites
Level Workshop
Weaver spindle
Weaver's Spindle Log1   Fiber1    1 Carpenter Workbench
Wooden sword
Wooden Practice Sword Log2    1 Carpenter Workbench
Farmer hoe
Farmer's Hoe Log2    2 Carpenter Workbench
Herbalist staff
Herbalist Staff Log2   Herbs1    2 Carpenter Workbench
Mason chisel
Mason's Hammer and Chisel Log1   Stone1    2 Carpenter Workbench
Archer's Bow Log3   Leather bolt1    4 Carpenter Toolbench
Shepherd crook
Shepherd's Crook Log2   Leather bolt1    5 Carpenter Toolbench


Item Required ingredients Level requirements Description
Small Crate 0 "Does the crate that stores all the things that do not store themselves, store itself?"
Large Crate 1 "Does the crate that stores all the things that do not store themselves, store itself?"
Leather Bound Chest 4 "Like the one my grandpa had!"

Building PartsEdit

Item Required ingredients Level requirements Description
Brightbell Window Box 0 "A brightbell a day keeps the Ogres away!"
Frostsnap Window Box 0 "The capstone of an civilized dwelling."
Wooden Diamond Window 0 "The 45 degree turn adds sophistication."
Reinforced Wooden Door 0 "This here pattern, I learned from the squarefolk."
Wooden Door 0 "Privacy at last!"
Wooden Double Door 0 "Some people want to make an entreance... every day."
Wooden Window Frame 0 "So much for privacy..."
Picket Fence Gate 1 "Hope you like your neighbors!"
Picket Fence 1 "If it's not white, is our life unfulfilled?"
Wooden Garden Lantern 1 "Practical and Romantic!"
Blacksmith's Wall-Mounted Sign 1 "Specializing in heavy, dense, pointy things!"
Carpenter's Wall-Mounted Sign 1 "Get your wooden things right here!"
Mason's Wall-Mounted Sign 1 "Dense beautiful things that sometimes contain things that burn."

Wooden Wall-Mounted Sign

1 "But if it's *generic*, how will...? NM (-sdee)"
Weaver's Wall-Mounted Sign 1 "Artisinally crafted fabrics and plushies!"
Wooden Wall-Mounted Lantern 1 "So comfortinzzzzzzzz..."

Level BonusesEdit

  • Level 1: Standard Catalog. "The carpenter can now make a solid array of basic furniture." (Unlocks more furniture)
  • Level 2: Collaborative Insight. "The carpenter is now skillful enough to use materials created by other crafters."
  • Level 3: Artistic Inspiration. "When the inspiration strikes, the carpenter may embellish his works in unexpected ways."
  • Level 4: Extended Catalog. "The carpenter now has the courage to try more elaborate projects."
  • Level 5: No bonus
  • Level 6: 10,000 hours (Not yet implemented as of version 10.5.) "The carpenter's mastery of his trade allows him to come up with completely new ways of using wood."